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Examples of Counter-Frames : (This is how it looks on your website)
Number of cars worldwide:
Distance of Voyager 1 in Kilometers:
You can find more Counter-Codes on this page!
          Everyone on this list gets the chance to win something!   A frame on your site is advertising for us! Therefore we raffle in irregular intervals small prizes for all those who are on this list! To get on the list you just have to install an HTML code on your page. Offer your visitors interesting numbers. The "Bill Gates Money Counter" or the counter about the world's population fits almost every page. Or make a theme-based page, e.g. about the spacecraft Voyager, and insert the code that indicates the distance of the probe! Good sites are added to the list here. There is no right to be included in the list! Nasty pages, pure banner pages or similar are not linked. We see on which pages the code is located, you can also mail us your URL! It is perfect if a counter matches the topic of your site! The first raffle will take place as soon as 20 URLs are on the list! This one will be raffled 5 times 10 dollars. Later maybe more:) Payment via PayPal We contact the winners via the email address found on the respective pages. The winning URLs will be published on this page.