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How Much Does Donald Trump Earn?  How rich is Donald Trump? As the president of the United States Donald Trump earns 400,000 dollars every year. But to him this salary is likely peanuts. The real estate magnate is involved in hundreds of companies. During his election campaign he stated his income, which is equivalent to 560 million dollars annually.
Donald Trump: How Much Money Does He Have?   According to Forbes, Donald Trump's assets were estimated at 4.1 billion dollars in June 2015. Donald Trump quantified his balance one month later at 10 billion dollars. For, the figures estimated by Forbes are accepted to be an annual growth of 560 million dollars. Because a large portion of his assets are invested in shares, his worth naturally fluctuates. It is possible that one day he has 100 million dollars more than usual in his bank account, yet won't even realise. You would surely notice if you were suddenly 100 million better off, wouldn't you? That would be more than double!